Whitesloanea crassa

Whitesloanea crassa


Whitesloanea crassa

Whitesloanea crassa is a small, unusual succulent with a mostly solitary 4-angled stem that grows up to 5 inches (13 cm) tall…

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Cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

Wendy, are you on FB? There are people in some Asclep groups who get this to flower regularly and repeatedly. I myself have not grown this near-mythical plant but I know many who do. From what I recall, it’s easier than its Pseudolithos cousins, but you have to keep it warm and watered just enough in winter to keep it from losing its roots but not too much to rot.

Spider Zone 4b USA

I was considering growing this, but literally all the stapeliads I've grown have ended up getting mealybugs, even when I can't find any evidence of mealybugs anywhere else in my collection. I think I just can't offer the right conditions for this class of plants where I live so as soon as a mealybug manages to break in from a new plant, that's where they can proliferate. I hope yours is a different story!

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Stupidlazydog CT zone 5b/6a

Jeff, I'm not on FB. Every now and then I think I should join because there seem to be so many plant people on there. I've just always found something a bit creepy about it.

Spider, I had a big problem with root mealies on a lot of my plants last year, but the Stapeliads weren't affected at all. Scratch that, I lost most of my big Edithcolea to the root mealies. I was able to save a small section, so my big Edithcolea is now my small Edithcolea, lol.

I've managed to keep my Pseudolithos cubiformis x ? alive for the 3 years or so that I've had it. In the winter I have it on a heating mat under lights with the cactus seedlings and in the summer I put the shades part way down on the greenhouse, and it goes in there. I think I'll treat the Whitesloanea the same way, and hope that works.

Stupidlazydog CT zone 5b/6a

Haven't had it long, but so far my approach is working fine. I have been watering it a bit more often than my Pseudolithos. I bought a 2nd somewhat larger Whitesloanea off ebay about a month ago, and when I got it, I was surprised to see a tiny flower bud starting! Here are my two today.

And now there are a couple more tiny flower buds starting to develop. So far I haven't noticed a stink :-)

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